Sails for yachts and flat bottom boats

Sail design drafts: For our sail designs we work with the innovative software SailPack. Among other things this gives us the possibility to visualise and evaluate the designs in 3D. Furthermore, it is possible to run various analyses of the design draft. It can even show the configuration of various sails on the ship.

Sail design is not only a matter of “pushing buttons”. A great amount of experience is needed to design a good sail. Only when we are fully satisfied with the designs the results are plotted and panels are cutted by laser. The final making of the sail with the batten-pockets, eyelets,  rings etc. etc.  is still done in traditional craftmanship with a lot of passion in our sail loft.

Product information

Product information for sails yachts and flat bottom boats.


We produce various types of high-quality blocks.


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