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We primarily process sailcloth from the leading manufacturers Dimension-Polyant and Contender.

You can choose between the basic touring dacron and the premium dacron sailcloth. The difference mainly lies in the shape retention and the long-term UV resistance of the cloth.

Furthermore we offer more sophisticated sailcloth like DCX / CDX, Hydranet and Hydranet Radial, Fibercon Hybrid, Fibercon Provectran and others.

Moreover there are various special types of sailcloth for spinnakers, gennakers & code zero sails and others.

The right choice of sail depends on the type of boat, the sail area and the use of the sail. The weight of the sailcloth is an indication. Of course, this can be altered according to your wishes.

Finish of the sails

We are happy to alter the sail finish according to your requests. Our standard finishes are f.e.:

  • Cross-cut or tri-radial cut panels
  • Radial corner and reef strengthening
  • Triple stitched with UV resistant yarn
  • Rutgerson 316 stainless steel eyelets with webbings where needed
  • Trim line with clamcleats
  • Tell-tales & trim stripes
  • Main sail with aluminium or plastic headboard, Cunningham hole, BlueStreak & RBS sail batten and others.
  • Furling sails with shape-tape (if necessary), top and tack with webbing loop
  • UV protection panels made of Weathermax
  • Each sail will be delivered with a storage ba
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Fibercon® AP

Allround kwaliteitsdoek met een verrassende prijs-kwaliteitverhouding.

Fibercon® Pro High/Low Aspect

Doek voor specifieke tuigages.

UV Protection WeatherMax

Marine Performance Cover Fabric.


Spinnaker cloth for the quality conscious cruising sailor.

Fibercon® Hybrid Powered with Dyneema

Designed for long lasting cruising performance.

CDX Polyester Cruising Laminate

For comfort and performance and ease of handling.



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AP Blade

All Purpose Blade styles are engineered to provide strength and low elongation in the primary direction while delivering excellent bias stretch resistance.


Looking for a fresh breeze for your cruising sail wardrobe? Dimension-Polyant’s C-Breeze could just be your perfect mate.


Cruising Laminates were designed for demanding blue water sailors. They combine technical efficiency,
durability and easy handling. The

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Furling systems

Above is just a selection from the total range. For further information please visit the website of the suppliers and producers or get in contact with us.