Sails for the professional sailing ships

From the beginning on, United Baltic Sails specialised in sails for professionals sailing vessels like clippers, tjalks, schooners and tall ships. Over time, we built an excellent national and international reputation.

Throughout time United Baltic Sails made around 250 000 sqm of sail for this kind of ships. The ship owners were always satisfied with the outcome and this customer base keeps on growing.

Examples of our work can be found on the “Clipper Stad Amsterdam”, the schooners “Oosterschelde”, “Atlantic” and “Eleonora”, the Portuguese four-masted gaff schooner “Santa Maria Manuela”, the “Shabab Oman”, the barque “Europa”, the “Alexander von Humboldt II” and many more.

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Product information

Product information sails for the professional sailing ships


We produce various types of high-quality blocks.


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